Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Support the Sumilao March

Yesterday we saw a flyer inserted in the recent issue of The Guidon. It spoke of a current movement to support the Sumilao farmers of Bukidnon who are currently marching as a sign of protest against a government that continues to rob them of their land. We in the society deem this as a very good movement that the Atenean community should engage in.

We firmly believe that as Ateneans who should be men-and-women-for-others we should support initiatives that try to empower those who are victims of injustice. It's a pity that it's already the finals week. Ateneans tend to be most apathetic during the finals week and the weeks that would follow. Nonetheless, these things should not be a hindrance for us to extend our aid to our fellow countrymen who are in need.

We challenge Ateneans to show the fiery passion that they displayed during the dress code issue and re-channel this in helping out in creating structural changes in society such as by supporting the Sumilao March. Sanggunian, if you really are not obsolete, aid these farmers in mobilizing the students to support them. Make students aware that there is much injustice happening outside our hallowed walls.

We challenge every student group in the university, not just the Sanggunian, to take part in this initiative. Every organization, whatever the thrust may be, is aiming for a more just society. Why not support the Sumilao farmers in their fight against continued injustice?

Please don't tell us that the Atenean concept of injustice is limited to the violation of the right to flaunt your Havaianas to school. We dare you to move!