Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gadfly Society in The Guidon

Read the editor-in-chief's opinion column, Keeping Track. The article is entitled "Unknown watchdog". A copy of the article and our reaction to the article will be posted here soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On Visibility

We believe that visibility is just half of what the students demand of Sanggunian. The bigger question is - If there were no Sanggunian, to what extent will the students be affected? Make us feel that we need you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Letter to Sanggunian and to its President

Dear Karl and the Sanggunian,

We have one question for you – HOW ARE YOU? It has been months since you have been elected into office by the students of this university. As GMA has delivered her SONA, may we ask that you also deliver yours. For years, the Sanggunian has been a blackbox. Strictly speaking, we know not what is happening within the student council. We hear that the CBs and SBs are busy with projects that would ultimately benefit the students and that they are losing precious time for studying over ceaseless meetings. Can the student body be informed of what is happening in these meetings? Where are the minutes? Or are these for “your eyes only”?

We heard that this coming weekend, there will be a SOSS event. But I believe this is primarily geared towards freshmen. How about the upperclassmen? What service will the Sanggunian provide and are currently providing for the students of Loyola Schools? Please do not point your fingers to ASCC and DSWS – these are not the only things that Sanggunian is capable of doing, right?

We also heard that Sanggunian officers sit in the various school committees. Can the student body be informed what committees are you pertaining to? What is happening in those committee meetings? Why are we not informed? Who are those who are supposedly representing us in these “important” committees?

How is the bureaucracy of Sanggunian? Honestly, the student body (yes, we have asked around) is perplexed with what each position in the Sanggunian does. We are not saying that we need yet another orientation. What we are saying is that we want to see SANGGUNIAN AT WORK. It is working, right? Because if it isn't, we think that the money that goes to the Sanggunian and the elections that put the officers where they are should be put to better use.

Freshmen elections are near. We hope that there will be no failure of elections for the Finance Officer. But it wouldn't be a shocker if there will be. We know that you understand what we are trying to say.

Karl, we shall be waiting for your SONA.

We shall be waiting for a Sanggunian that works.

Watching you always,

Gadfly Society